The transformation that the Information Technology (IT) has had in recent years requires new ways of thinking and acting in organizations, and has become increasingly important and it is a strategic area to achieve the objectives of the business. The ability to use IT as the main business transformation agent is a critical success factor for organizations.

The IT Governance involves the design of process controls and management indicators to demonstrate the coherence, sustainability and transparency of processes, services and IT strategies aligned with the principles of corporate governance as well as the  the strategies and goals of businesses.

  • Our IT Governance area applies a set of practices, standards, processes and techniques in an organization, in order to ensure effective controls, safe and optimized processes, minimizing risks and costs regarding support to the needed technological resources.


Project management

20Project management aims at assisting in the definition, planning, carrying ou, controlling and closing of projects. An effective project management is essential to convert business strategies into positive results. Due to the increasing competition in the global market, companies are increasingly under great pressure to deliver projects on time and within budget.

To obtain better results in project management we use the best practices recognized by the market and, for this, we have a team of  managers and analysts with projects certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

The services in our project management portfolio:

  • Complex Project Management;
  • Project Portfolio Management;
  • Program Management;
  • Implementation of the Project Management Methodology;
  • Implementation of the Project Management Office (PMO);
  • Implementation of  the Swift Management Model (SCRUM);
  • Audit and Evaluation of the the Project Maturity (OPM3);
  • Implementation of Project Management Tool;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of Project Management:

  • Plan and control scope, cost, time and quality of projects;
  • Optimize the allocation of resources in the project;
  • Identify risks and define mitigation actions thereof;
  • Improve communication of those involved in the projects;
  • Increase the productivity of teams in the projects.
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Service management

04Service management is a set of best practices that meets the new style of management in the area of Information Technology allowing an increase in the maturity of the IT management process and stating the importance of IT for such organization.

One of the main challenges of IT Service Management is the structuring, release and operation services which are aligned, as well as supporting the business goals by improving the efficiency of daily operations and allowing the organization to offer high quality services and increase the satisfaction of customers.

For the best results in the service management, we use best practices recognized by the market. Therefore, we have a team of ITIL , ISO 20.000 and COBIT certified managers and analysts

Our service  management portfolio consists of:

  • Service management using ITIL;
  • Service management using ISO 20.000;
  • Deployment of governance model with COBIT;
  • Assessment of the maturity of services;
  • Deployment of Services management tool;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of service management:

  • Improvement of the quality of IT services, making them more reliable to support the implementation of business strategy;
  • Clarity in view of the current capacity of the Information Technology area in delivering and supporting IT services required by the organization;
  • Setting of clear contact points between IT and customer areas;
  • Better information on the current IT services enabling and prioritizing changes and improvements required;
  • Improvement of the image of IT by improving the quality of information technology services;
  • Safety and reliability of the continuity of IT services,increase of the  ability to restore services when needed.
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Process management

19Process management seeks to understand the whole business in a systematic way and search through the integration and improvement to achieve greater maturity and a differentiated competitive position. Increasingly, managers of enterprises are seeking to implement mechanisms for aligning strategic objectives to the business operation.

Datainfo provides tools and practices, through a process management portfolio, which aim at reaching a standard for such processes and to identify, prioritize and implement improvements, as well as monitor the performance of processes and reduce costs in companies.

Our portfolio of process management consists of:

  • Mapping and modeling processes;
  • BPM (Business Process Management) tool implementation;
  • Maturity assessment of management processes;
  • Know How Transfer in management processes;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of process management:

  • Reduction of  costs and time;
  • Better coordination between departments;
  • Increase in customer satisfaction;
  • Integration of information;
  • Automation, flexibility and continuous improvement.
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IT Consulting

06The IT  consulting aims at providing customers with solutions that leads to innovation of operational, technological and administrative processes, making it possible to adapt them to the new demands of an ongoing changing environment and assisting them in the reduction of costs and increasing competitiveness.

Our consulting services rely on the experience and expertise of certified professionals who hold  many years of experience in the market. Besides, in order to always obtain the best results, we believe the knowledge held by our staff is the greatest asset of our company.

Our consulting portfolio consists of:

 *Implementation of Software Process;

  • Implementation of Software Methods;
  • Implementation of Software Metrics;
  • Consulting in Business Intelligence and Big Data;
  • Consulting in Software Architecture;
  • Consulting in Business Analysis;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of consulting in information technology:

  • Transference of  consulting knowledge to the client;
  • Application of best market practices;
  • Use of proven solutions on CASEs basis;
  • External view of the points to be improved at clients;
  • Improvement of actions based on  evaluation criteria.
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Service Desk

22More and more companies need to have flexibility in business to be able to meet the demands of the market as well as be more competitive. An Efficient Service Desk is an essential feature for increasing customer satisfaction, safety and  the quality of the services delivered.

The Service Desk is the main operating interface within a company between the information technology (IT) department and the users of other areas in the company. It is a core channel for receiving all communication regarding incidents related to service users.

Datainfo has experience in the Service Desk process, using  a methodology based on service level agreements (SLAs – Service Level Agreement). Our focus is to provide support services with a selected  team  previously  trained for tailored solutions for managing incidents, service requests, their referrals and impacts.

Our service desk portfolio consists of :

  • Support for application users with first, second and third levels;
  • Support for microcomputer users with first and second level care;
  • Support for infrastructure and monitoring to solve complex problems;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of a service desk:

  • Reduction of  the cost of IT operations;
  • Outsourced management of resources (training, allocations, substitutions, replacements);
  • Service management using an appropriate methodology (ITIL or ISO 20.000);
  • Support tools for the control of service;
  • Reports and attendance indicators;
  • Monitoring of calls;
  • Centralized knowledge base;
  • Release of the IT professionals from client to tactical and strategic activities.
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