The IT infrastructure in these new times has become essential for offering  companies a wide variety of applications in use, the highest volume of data traffic, an increasing complexity of technologies and environments that demand more and more processing power and storage.

Computational transactions are critical to business growth and the servers perform a key role that requires security, availability, interoperability and intelligence in the use of resources. A company can not be vulnerable to the risk of unavailability of information in their operations.

  • To meet the needs of the market, Datainfo maintains a practice area dedicated to the implementation of infrastructure solutions, and ability to meet various technological areas through a team of highly qualified professionals.


Operational systems

10Operational systems are the foundation for enterprise applications and a good setup, parameterization and administration ensure the best optimization of hardware and software resources. The costs tend to rise when the operating systems are not properly managed.

Whatever your need for operating systems, our team of professionals will help you and your company to take advantage of the potential of Microsoft operating systems, Linux, Unix and iOS.

Our portfolio of operating systems consists of:

  • Installation and Operation System Configuration;
  • Monitoring Operating System Services;
  • Backup and Recovery Strategies;
  • Domain Controllers installation;
  • Installation of WTS Servers;
  • Implementation of Virtualized Servers;
  • Upgrades and updates of operating systems;
  • Ongoing support in operating systems;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of our portfolio of operating systems:

  • Up to date operating systems;
  • Specialized professionals;
  • Efficiency in solving problems;
  • Ready reliable service;
  • Experience in various operating systems.
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11Companies seek to manage their information effectively, safely and quickly. In the era of abundance of information stored in the database, it is necessary to ensure good implementation and configuration of database management systems (DBMS).

Databases were formed in recent decades as the main basis of information from companies and have become vital to its growth.

Datainfo provides management services to leading banks market data, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL and DB2.  Our database management services offers your company the efficiency, safety and performance that it really needs.


Our portfolio of databases consists of :

  • Database Installation and configuration;
  • Database Tuning;
  • Backup and Recovery Strategies;
  • Database Upgrade and Update;
  • Database Service monitoring;
  • Continued support in the database.

Benefits of our database portfolio:

  • Up to date databases;
  • Specialized professionals;
  • Efficiency in solving problems;
  • Ready reliable service;
  • Experience in various databases.
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Application Servers

01The growing demand to increase the availability of information technology services over the recent years, have made application servers (middleware) become key parts, providing applications more security, availability guarantee, load balancing, and exception handling.

Datainfo offers solutions using  open source application servers and proprietary technology servers. Some solutions fullfilled are Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic and Internet Information Server (IIS).

Our portfolio of services to applications include:

  • Installation and Configuration of Application Servers;
  • Monitoring Application Servers services;
  • Upgrades and Updates of Application Servers;
  • Continued support for Application Servers;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of our service portfolio for application servers:

  • Up dated application servers;
  • Specialized professionals;
  • Efficiency in solving problems;
  • Ready reliable service;
  • Experiment in different application servers.
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Collaboration Solutions


Communication and collaboration are arguably essential and critical to the operation of enterprises, regardless of size.

People in a company need technology to send e-mails and messages, organize schedules, tasks and share calendars, search, and provide files and documents, conference, voice and image and exchange information steadily and swiftly.

Our collaboration solutions ensure all existing communication in your company in a reliable and safe manner, and can be accessed from anywhere, by more than one device type.

Our portfolio of collaboration solutions consists of:

  • Installation, configuration and support of Microsoft collaboration platform;
  • Installation, configuration and support of Oracle Collaboration platform;
  • Installation, configuration and support of IBM collaboration platform;
  • Installation, configuration and support of Open Source collaboration platforms;
  • Upgrade, updates and integrations of products;
  • Professional Services;

Benefits of our portfolio of collaboration solutions:

  • Best collaboration platforms;
  • Technical experts to assist in the support of products;
  • Responsiveness and efficiency in solving problems;
  • Needs to be met by demand.
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Good connectivity requires the implementation of technical services deployment, maintenance and support of all the infrastructure that makes up the technological networks park.

Computer networks have increased in complexity every day. However, complexity and diversity of services require companies to seek qualified vendors to design, deploy, integrate and manage networks and active networks.

Good management of the entire infrastructure that makes up the technology park network will help improve efficiency, simplifying the operations of your company.

Datainfo has a team of managers, analysts and support analysts certificates network connectivity equipment CISCO and uses in its project implementation and support best management practices using ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000.

Our connectivity portfolio consists of:

  • Network Administration;
  • Network Installation and Configuration Asset;
  • Analyze Network Performance;
  • Topology Design and Technology Network;
  • Monitoring and network traffic;
  • Documentation and network technical auditing;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of connectivity portfolio:

  • Efficient and productive management of infrastructure and network assets;
  • Reduction of unavailability of resources and IT systems;
  • Higher quality of infrastructure and IT services;
  • Increased satisfaction of users (internal and external) with IT services;
  • Security and high availability.
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While information is considered to be the main asset of a company, they are also at constant risk as never before.

Both outside and within their environment, threats are constantly present, which makes security solutions a mandatory requirement for companies.

To obtain better results in safety management we use the best practices recognized by the market and, for this, we have a team of managers, analysts and technicians certified in ISO 27002, CISM, CISA, CISSP and Security +.

Our security portfolio consists of:

  • Plan Management and Security Policies;
  • Audits of Security Policies;
  • Vulnerability Analysis;
  • Implementation and Configuration of Firewalls;
  • Implementation of proxies;
  • Implementation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN);
  • Installation and Antivirus Software Configuration;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of the security portfolio:

  • Efficient and productive vulnerability management;
  • Increased reliability of the IT environment;
  • Loss prevention of information assets;
  • Prevention to  future attacks;
  • Security and high availability.
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