Software Development

There is no doubt that corporate management highly depends on current updated IT and more and more companies require new software solutions. Users are more demanding, requesting more complex software to be implemented, but necessary to optimize operations and make the most out of the corporate results.

The main goal of our software development model is to provide the highest quality and efficiency at the delivery of corporate management solutions, reducing development time and getting the real adjustment of costs and investments made by your company.

  • Our software development area offers a skilled team that is in constant alignment with the needs of our customers, thus providing a smart final product in compliance to the business needs.


Web development

09The current market has no more boundaries, the worldwide communication network, the Internet, allows us to be closer to our customers and suppliers on daily basis. The Web is the new business method, and to follow such trend systems which enable swiftness, ease and mainly speed for connection.

Besides, nowadays you have the ideal partner to support your company in building systems for the Web platform.  Datainfo, with its wide experience offers the most modern and efficient internet based solutions and ensures Web systems are swifter, easier and more flexible for your business.

Our web development portfolio consists of :

  • Java systems development using Primefaces framework;
  • System development in PHP using Sinfony framework;
  • System development in .Net with C# and;
  • System development in Oracle Application Express platform;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of our web development portfolio:

  • Use of the latest and most modern technologies;
  • Standardization in the construction of software;
  • Documentation of all the products that make up the software;
  • Use of best development practices;
  • Productivity and agility in development;
  • Quality control to ensure a tested product.
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Business Intelligence and Big Data

18The solutions in Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data enable the integration of high amount of data, systems and technologies making it transparent to users, allowing them to extract and analyze the enterprise and external information in a simple way, in a correct, structured and timely format.

A Business Intelligence solution and / or Big Data designed properly and reliably enables the company to make better business decisions, faster, with information, sometimes unknown by the company and assisting business people on daily basis.

Datainfo is widely experienced in BI projects and extends and works new knowledge in Big Data and can help your company to design and implement a targeted solution to your needs, which will maximize the investment and provide real information for the decisions your company must take.

Our portfolio of Business Intelligence and Big Data consists of :

  • Development with QlikView suite;
  • Development with Pentaho suite;
  • Development with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition platform;
  • Development with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence platform;
  • Big Data solution implementation with IBM Big Data platform;
  • Big Data solution implementation with Oracle Big Data platform;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of Business Intelligence solutions and Big Data:

  • Allows to extract and integrate data from multiple sources;
  • Understands the business trends;
  • Searches relations of cause and effect;
  • Transforms data into information and knowledge;
  • Distributes the company information more widely;
  • Obtains strategic data more easily;
  • Handles high volume of structured and unstructured data;
  • Makes decision-making more proactive.
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System integration

21Currently, companies have different information systems that support their business processes. These range from tailored applications developed for different IT suppliers to large commercial softwares, developed with different technologies. The challenge is to integrate such applications without the need to unify environments, platforms and technologies.

Datainfo system integration services  help customers to maximize business goals through the proper integration between ERPs and specific systems. We have a team of professional experts with extensive experience in systems integration.

Our systems integration portfolio consists of :

  • Integration of satellite systems with SAP ERP;
  • Integration of satellite systems with ERP ORACLE;
  • Integration of satellite systems with Microsoft DynamicsERP;
  • Integration of satellite systems with CRM solutions;
  • System integration with tax and fiscal solutions;
  • Integration of legacy systems;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of system integration:

  • Improves speed and security in communication between systems;
  • Sets standards  in the construction of the interfaces;
  • Provides documentation of all software products generated;
  • Allows to share share business processes;
  • Facilitates the sharing of data and information;
  • Allows to add, update or remove applications without impact on the integration environment.
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Mobile solutions

05People, companies, and information anywhere at any time, in an interactive and integrated way with the world. This is the new reality of business, entertainment, communication and new consumers. Increasingly, the workforce in companies is accessing corporate systems, making decisions and performing business processes from their own mobile devices.

We create applications for mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets), with a comprehensive approach, from product design, prototyping using focusing on design and usability to delivering the solution with quality, security and scalability. We build projects using best practices for applications of this type. We develop solutions that help companies meet the challenge of becoming a more mobile workforce, connected and productive.

Our portfolio of mobile solutions consists of the following services:

  • Mobile application development for iOS;
  • Mobile application development for Android;
  • Mobile application development for Windows Phone;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of mobile solutions:

  • Access to information from anywhere, at any time;
  • Availability of information  full-time;
  • Optimization of time with mobile apps that provide information immediately;
  • Keep you in constant contact with your company.
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System Customizations

07The functionalities of an ERP system represent a generic solution that reflects a number of considerations about the way businesses operate in general. For flexible use, the ERP systems were developed so that the generic solution can be customized. Currently most companies customize their ERPs, customization is done to make them more flexible and to meet business process needs.

Datainfo customization services help customers adapt the ERP operational needs and processes to obtain proper solutions to your business. We have a highly qualified team to meet those needs.

Our System customization portfolio consists of the following services:

  • Customizing SAP ERP;
  • Customizing ORACLE ERP;
  • Customizing Microsoft Dynamics ERP;
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of system customizations:

  • Flexibility that adapts to your business;
  • Decrease in operating costs of your business, as it simplifies and streamlines ERP business needs;
  • Greater integration of data and strategic information from different areas of the company;
  • Increase the added value of ERP;
  • Higher level of ERP adherence to business processes;
  • ERP fully aligned to business needs.
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Legacy systems

23For businesses it is not an easy task to define the best strategy evolution of a legacy system. Most of legacy systems are essential for a business to continue, therefore, they must always be in operation. In the current scenario, most companies need to modernize their systems and those updates are not always straightforward and often require major changes, affecting parts of these legacy systems that are essential for business.

With the use of processes and development methods focused on evolutionary and adaptive maintenance, Datainfo has extensive experience in systems maintenance acting at all stages of project development, from requirement gathering, functional and technical analysis, programming, testing, implementation and monitoring with the end user, and be responsible for project management in all its stages.

Our portfolio of the maintenance of legacy systems consists of:

  • Development of various technologies, such as Oracle Forms and Reports, Delphi, GeneXus, Cobol, Java, PHP, SQL and PL / SQL, Visual Basic, C, C #, and many others.
  • Professional Services.

Benefits of maintaining legacy systems:

  • Technical consultancy focused on the client’s business;
  • Guarantee of survival at important legacy systems to enterprise;
  • Quality of maintenance warranty;
  • Standardization in the maintenance of the systems;
  • System’s documentation update;
  • Use of best development practices;
  • Productivity and swiftness in developments.
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