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Due to the market that is increasingly competitive and demanding, we have a range of products and solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and in different market segments to maximize the use of information technology. Increase the productivity of your company, ensure efficiency, cost reduction and safety with our products and own solutions and / or represented.

All of our implementation process is done with customer participation to ensure better monitoring and interaction.

  • Simplify their processes with complete solutions that reduce the costs and efforts by companies.


Service - Project Management Software

12Companies that implement their organizational strategies through projects, constantly need information to help understand the background of the situation in real time to support decision making.

The volume of information and the need for updated data that managers need, becomes humanly impossible to provide in a timely manner such demands.

The Service is project management software with features that support the integration of staff, managers and senior management in order to provide data that support the operation of organizational command.

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Benefits of Service:

  • Delegation of work for the team automated and clearly;
  • Control of deadlines for projects and activities;
  • Detailed control of the costs incurred in the projects and activities;
  • Analysis of value between the planned and the work performed;
  • Reports and charts on the status of projects and activities;
  • Alignment with the best project management practices;
  • Analysis of the results being obtained in the projects;
  • Productivity analysis of work teams;
  • Better planning of the design of work teams;
  • Risk analysis in the projects;
  • Automated reporting of project progress reporting;
  • Greater involvement of the teams with the goals.

Technical characteristics of the service:

  • 100% Cloud Computing;
  • Intuitive management interface, consistent, fast and easy to use;
  • Standard settings and predefined;
  • Hosted at Amazon datacenter.


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Gesti - Service Management Software

13More and more companies need flexibility in business to be able to meet the demands of the market and be more competitive. In this scenario, the demand for new business and the management of IT demand applications is growing. In addition, companies seek alternatives to reduce their costs with technology and staff.

With GESTI, organizations can provide to their IT staff the ability to optimize the delivery of service, eliminating the costs, complexities and adaptations required by Service Desk centers. The Gesti is easy to configure, quick to deploy and simple to adapt to your business requirements.

GESTI is a complete management software for service and can be used in Service Desk or Help Desk. The product allows meeting from business and small and medium processes to large companies with complex business needs.

Benefits of GESTI:

  • Control of the process of assistance;
  • Control of the Attendants team;
  • Reducing the occurrence or recurrence of problems;
  • Improved communication with users;
  • Measurement of user satisfaction;
  • Service Desk based on ITIL practices;
  • Service Catalog and Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • Knowledge base management.

Technical characteristics of GESTI:

  • 100% Web-based with PHP technology use;
  • Intuitive management interface, consistent, fast and easy to use;
  • Standard and predefined settings;
  • Run on Oracle database, SQL Server and MySQL.
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NF-e - Eletronic invoice of Products and Services

15With the recent change of tax liabilities by the federal government, the re have been some implementations regarding the electronic invoice project that has replaced the issue of a tax document on paper, with legal and fiscal validity, simplifying the accessory obligations of taxpayers and allowing the same time, the real-time monitoring of business operations by the tax authorities.

We may conceptualize the Electronic Invoice as a digital-only existing document issued and stored electronically in order to serve for tax purposes, a circulation operation of goods or the provision of services, which took place between parties. Its legal validity is guaranteed by the sender’s digital signature and use authorization provided by tax authorities.

Datainfo NF-e solution allows customers to make the management of electronic invoices following the law demands in a safe manner, performance and transparency in the sales process as well as  billing both products and services.

Benefits of NF-e:

  • Improved fiscal control process;
  • Increased reliability of the invoice;
  • Facilitation and simplification of tax and bookkeeping;
  • Print cost reduction of the tax document;
  • Simplification of accessory obligations;
  • Use of electronic relationships with customers (B2B) is encouraged.

Technical characteristics of the NF-e:

  • 100% web-based with the use of Java technology;
  • Secure protocol for information transfer;
  • Standard settings and predefined;
  • Easy integration with ERP and legacy systems.
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Solution - Migration of Legacy Systems to Oracle APEX

24The technologies used in the development of systems have devolved rapidly over the last years. Not all the companies can keep updated as to new technologies and often keep operating systems developed with old, outdated or obsolete technologies. These systems are important for companies and can not simply be discarded and for this reason the option is the partial or complete technology migration.

The migration system designed for Oracle Forms and Reports to Oracle Apex (Oracle Application Express) is a semi-automated process, allowing migration to occur without too much human intervention.

Oracle Apex is focused on rapidly building Web applications. Using only a browser and limited programming experience, you can build or migrate rapidly professional and secure applications. Oracle Apex package, there are tools for direct access to the database, without the need for third-party tools. It also includes facilities to support the software development cycle. In addition, APEX license is already included when you purchase an Oracle database from version 9i.

Our solution portfolio – migration of legacy systems to Oracle Apex consists of:

  • Migration project of legacy systems encoded in Oracle Forms and Reports for Oracle Apex;
  • Professional Services.

Meet some of the benefits of migration from legacy systems to Oracle Apex:

  • Simplicity and speed in the development of web applications;
  • Robust structure to support expansion of the volume of data;
  • Guaranteed security, access management and data protection;
  • Friendly interface for easy access;
  • Easy installation and integration;
  • No cost licensing – built product on the Oracle database;
  • Quality assurance and standardization of migration;
  • Use of best practices migration;
  • Productivity and agility in systems migration.
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